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I first came across David and Kathi when Christian Management Australia was recruiting its founding Board Members. I quickly discovered that they exemplified everything that CMA stood for: ministry effectiveness, personal and organisational character, and authentic spirituality. I have a very high regard for the ministry they engage in, I have great respect for their practical wisdom, and I value them as trusted confidantes when I need a balanced perspective on some of the tricky ministry issues and conflicts that come across my desk.

Gary Williams, National Director, Christian Ministry Advancement Ltd.

Working alongside David to resolve church conflict was a privilege. His great strengths are his heartfelt love for people, Spirit-led wisdom and prayerful trust that our Father is working for good – even in times of crisis. Calm, thoughtful, collaborative and encouraging, David’s character and experience make him excellently suited for this work.

Steve Frost, Director, Horizons Community Legal Centre

It has been my privilege to know David for over 25 years. He is an excellent Bible teacher, a prayerful man and a wise leader and counsellor. He has developed wide experience in reconciliation work. He and Kathi have together developed a valued shared ministry.

Bishop Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham UK

I have known the Reverend David Cohen for forty years. David is a gifted, winsome and creative teacher and leader. David and Kathi were used of God in recent years to bring healing and stability to a parish where there was deep unresolved conflict and a distrust of reconciliation processes. Prayerfully, patiently and lovingly, David and Kathi befriended the hurt and wounded and, in time, led them to wholeness and healing. I am very much in their debt and warmly commend their ministry.

Bishop Stuart Robinson, Rector of Vaucluse & Rose Bay, Former Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn Australia

David’s skilled application of the peacemaker principles allowed us to reach a quick resolution. While all participants had good intent, it is unlikely we would have arrived at an agreement without David managing our conversation. His genuine interest in and care for us was an important ingredient to the process.

Greg Pendlebury, Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club, Guildford Australia

The late Gwendolyn Lusi writes: “HEAL Africa welcomes Moringa Associates Inc. I have a Moringa tree in my yard in Goma. It is a good image of what David and Kathi are and have achieved. “Its leaves are always green, because its roots are deep and reach the water table.” It is a survivor: the builders dumped ten tons of huge rocks on it, and it managed to grow up through the pile of rocks. It flowers, it reproduces, it heals, it feeds the most vulnerable little people, and it survives. In addition to communicating through being, David and Kathi communicate through teaching that draws out the profound wisdom and grace of God’s word. They teach God’s word to people in their context; in remote corners of Congo, to distressed, divided and disputing communities, they minister God’s word of reconciliation. I have faith that Moringa will spread its branches wide, and reproduce prolifically. May God bless Moringa Associates Inc.”

The late Gwendolyn Lusi, Program Manager, HEAL Africa D.R. Congo

We engaged the services of David Cohen to assist in a dispute between two staff and our experience was nothing but positive. David displayed a servant heart and a genuine care and concern for all parties involved. He was committed to prayer throughout the process and desired to see God’s name be glorified. I also appreciated his clear and regular communication along with his flexibility when our timetable threw a few spanners in the works.

Ian Liney, Principal Wyong Christian Community School, NSW Australia

Our church was looking for someone to provide a week-end teaching programme on the priority of global mission for the local church. The studies were thoroughly grounded in Scripture and practical in their application. The addresses were made even more riveting through relevant and up-to-date illustrations gathered from a lifetime of involvement with mission on all the major continents. David and Kathi Cohen also brought a warm pastoral focus in their dealings with everyone at the conference which added significantly to the impact of their ministry.

Rev. Peter Hastie, Principal Presbyterian Theological College, Victoria, Former Pastor of Ashfield Presbyterian Church, Sydney NSW

Anglican Youthworks was very pleased to have David Cohen from Moringa Associates to speak with our up and coming camping staff. David shared from his vast experience in Leadership. The day was a terrific balance between helpful input/theory and general life experience. We felt it gave a chance to put some “old heads on young shoulders”. Those who attended really appreciated “Leadership” being on our training agenda and they were pleased with David’s input and warm relational style. We would definitely ask him to come again. Thanks David.

Andrew Hudson, Former Director of Anglican Youthworks Sydney

St. Paul’s Anglican Church Wahroonga greatly appreciated the ministry of David Cohen at our Church Spring Getaway. David was warmly received by those who attended, as he himself warmly engaged with them. His formal input was clear and very practical, presented in a conversational way that was nonetheless well ordered. David is clearly a student of Scripture yet wears his learning lightly. We were challenged, cheered, and hopefully changed. Outside of his formal talks, he made many contacts with those attending so that he was not merely a visiting speaker but a fellow Christian on a journey.

Rev. David Reay, Former Pastor of St. Paul’s Wahroonga, Diocese of Sydney

We worked with David Cohen during the sensitive period after the war in Rwanda. His ability to relate to everyone – from bishop to parishioner, from street kid to parliamentarian, and his humor, wisdom and candor and his excellent French were a blessing to everyone, us included. Since then we have come to appreciate his and Kathi’s commitment to serve, encourage and strengthen the network of God’s servants around the world. They are truly ambassadors in the best sense of the word. We are honored to know them and it is always a great joy to work with them…we always learn and grow.

Dick and Judy Anderson, Directors of ACT for Congo

David and Kathi Cohen were fantastic guest speakers at our triennial global gathering of partnering microfinance institutions. Not only did they preach from the Word of God in a manner that was insightful, relevant, and encouraging, but they reached out to our global partners with intentionality and personal warmth that took them off of the pedestal of conference guest speakers and made them simply a fellow brother and sister in Christ. Their presence and its associated humility made their preaching that much more effective.

Todd Engelsen, President of PEER Servants, Boston USA

We were delighted to have David Cohen speak to our French-speaking church retreat here in Melbourne. His ministry was solid and encouraging. David and Kathi’s ability to relate to all with great warmth and honesty is a healing balm that God uses for those who would open up their hearts to Him through them. David’s ministry to us in French was impeccable. We certainly look forward to future opportunities together as we work in God’s great Kingdom.

Dave & Laurence Hernandez, Former Pastors “Eglise Francophone de Melbourne”