And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations...

Revelation 22:2b

Our mission

To prayerfully serve the church in leadership and peacemaking.

Our vision

With God’s help, to prayerfully strengthen and encourage Christian communities, churches and organisations, in leadership capacity and Christ-like peacemaking models of unity. To encourage a holistic approach to ministry and lifestyle.

Why Moringa?

David Cohen had fond childhood memories in the Queensland home of his doctor grandfather which was called Moringa. When we decided to call our association by this name, we set about discovering its origins. Previously we had assumed the word to be Australian in origin. Yet to our amazement we discovered the following:

Moringa leaves

Moringa is a tree, originating in Tamil Nadu/Kerala state of India. The crushed leaves of the tree, full of protein, are used for malnourished children, while experimental research indicates positive benefits for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and cancer. Surprisingly, the leaves contain complete proteins, which is rare for a plant.

In light of God’s grace in our lives, and in response to the goodness of our Lord, we endeavour to prayerfully serve the Church in leadership development and Bible-based peacemaking. We are confident that our Heavenly Father, a God of great compassion, is concerned for the complete wellbeing of the nations; spiritually, emotionally, and physically and we are thankful for the doors he opens for our involvement in various fields of service.

We think Moringa is a great name!

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